Announcing Virtually’s Social Impact Contest Winner -- The Climatebase Fellowship

Blog Dec 15, 2020

We here at Virtually are excited to announce one of our Social Impact Contest Winners: The Climatebase Fellowship.

As part of Virtually’s Social Impact Contest, we set out to find the top live, online, cohort-based learning programs with a social impact focus and provide ample support and credit to run on the Virtually platform.

Our goal is to support impact-driven learning programs to thrive and scale - enabling them to focus on building and connecting their community for net-positive global impact (instead of wasting time on admin!)

We’re thrilled to have selected the Climatebase Fellowship - a 10 week climate career accelerator for the most talented, mission-driven members of the Climatebase community.

Climatebase Fellows will gain unparalleled access to climate experts, innovators, and each other via live talks, group discussions, workshops, community-led activities, a private Slack community, and more.

By hosting the fellowship on Virtually, we hope to support Climatebase in their mission to mobilize humanity to solve the climate crisis, all while transforming the lives of the Climatebase fellows and enabling them learn, grow, and do work that matters.

Learn more about the Climatebase Fellowship here.

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