How to Build & Scale an Online Learning Community w/ Billy Bross

Podcast May 14, 2020

This week's episode of Reshaping Education took place with Billy Bross, a marketing strategist who specializes in working with online course creators.

Billy and I spoke about what it takes to build and scale an online learning community.

We dive into what it takes to be the "purple cow" of the online course world. It's not good enough to record some videos and throw them up online. You have deliver value. You have to create a community.

In this episode, Billy sheds light on this topic and how he's helped countless course creators build and scale their business. Not by building an online course, but building an online learning community and internet business.

Main Takeaways

What's the difference between an online course and an online school?

"[An online school] has a bunch of courses inside of's an online university that usually targets a common customer avatar specific type of person and can serve them in, in multiple ways."

How to effectively communicate online?

"Keep people engaged. Give them assessments and community is a huge one that we're that we're seeing emerge."

The best part about running an online school is that students will often come for the course material, but then stay for the community.

Never underestimate the power of community.

Looking to start your own online school?

Check out Virtually, an online school builder.  A tool that brings together payment processing, live conferencing, and student management and makes it easy to build and scale your own online learning community.

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