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Mission Jun 14, 2020

For too long, Universities have held all the power. They've been the arbitrators of education, deciding what skills are necessary to succeed in the workforce and then dictating who gets access to that education.

To this day, the number #1 reason that students attend colleges in the US is obtain job training, yet Universities aren't delivering.

Only 27% of college graduates land a job that even relates to their major. In addition, graduates will switch career paths between 5-7 times throughout their life.

Thanks to the internet, industries are rapidly evolving. Faster than ever before and Universities can't keep up.

To this day, schools are teaching the same outdated material as 20 or 30 years ago that are completely irrelevant for today's practices.

This means that the skills that college students are learning has nothing to do with what they're doing on a day-to-day basis.

When this happens, students walk away with irrelevant skills and crippling student debt.

We deserve something better.

Especially now, more than ever.

Unemployment is at the highest it's been since the Great Depression and people need a better method for job training than attending an institutional program and racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Instead, we should be learning from industry experts.

People who practice and have perfected their craft over years.
People who stood in your shoes and can show you the tricks and trades of the industry.
People who have industry connections and can deliver job placement.

This is the future and Virtually is trying to make this future come alive.

We're building tools to make it so anyone can start and build a fully-fledged online educational institution.

Just like YouTube and podcasting gave individuals the power to start own media companies, we are giving individuals the power to create their online universities.

If you have something to teach, we want to be ones to help you deliver that content to the people who need it most.

Don't know where to get started? Email us at to get access to our playbook on how to start an online school or academy.

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