The Role of Community in Learning Online w/ Alberto Arenaza (Transcend Network)

Podcast May 26, 2020

You've might have seen some studies or heard of statistics that talk about how low online course completion rates are...

It's true.

The average online course has a 13% completion rate; however, a recently innovation in the online learning space is flipping on the model on its head.

With this simple mechanism, online course completion rates can skyrocket to over 90%.

What is this new mechanism? Well, it's actually not new.

It's old as civilization:


Nothing is more important to keeping students engaged with course material than learning along-side individuals in a similar stage to themselves.

This simple ingredient has been instrumental in making learning online actually viable for life-changing career education.

And it's not just completion rate, every other metric goes haywire if you can successfully integrate community into your online course: engagement, comprehension, etc...

Recently, Alberto Arenaza and I had an in-depth conversation about the transformation we're seeing in higher education and remote learning.

A big focus of the conversation was about the role of community in online learning environments.

Listen to the full-conversation below:

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